Grapes Cancelled – Don Cherry Fired Over Divisive Comments on Coach’s Corner

Donald S Cherry has been fired from Sportsnet due to his criticism of immigrants not wearing poppies on Coach’s Corner last week. Sportsnet initially tried to throw water on the backlash from Cherry’s comments, but to no avail. They issued this apology a few days ago:

After the apology came up short, Ron Maclean then went on air to atone for Cherry’s comments. But Grapes apparently refused to walk back his comments. He explained in an interview with Joe Warmington in the Toronto Sun: “I talk the talk and I walk the walk”. Cherry additionally cited his many years of supporting the Troops as the inspiration for his words on HNIC. There is no denying he has been one of the biggest supporters of the Canadian Military for decades. And I think Grapes did have a point. But the problem is, he pointed the finger at a group of people, as opposed to all of us. And that is never OK. Lets be fair, hardly anybody wears poppies these days. We should, but we don’t. I think it was unfair of Cherry to try and say its only immigrants when we are mostly all guilty of it.

I did not like Grape’s comments. I felt they were entirely out of line, and definitely warranted some disciplinary action. You cannot make hurtful, divisive comments like that and expect to get away with it. But what has transpired in the aftermath is a pile on of epic proportions from every SJW sports reporter in Canada. The Athletic, possibly the most hypocritical sports publication in Canada, were quick to jump in with their virtue signalling. Ironic, given their refusal to acknowledge or clean up their own back yard with racist, sexist Sara Civian still being given a platform to spew hatred toward white men.

Now if you can tell me the difference between Cherry’s despicable “You People” remarks and Civian’s never ending Twitter attacks on white males, I am all ears. But lets be real here. The only difference is that Cherry’s victims were a safer group of people to step up for. Its easy to attack an old white man who is discriminating against immigrants. That’s a slam dunk. So The Athletic had no problem going to bat against Grapes, while proudly harbouring a blatant hate monger within their ranks. Its really no different than LeBron James being a champion of all causes, until the oppressor is China and it may cost him some endorsement money.

I do not endorse people losing their jobs for mistakes, but in this instance, Sportsnet really had no choice. This wasn’t going away. And when given the chance to apologize, and possibly save his job, Grapes reportedly refused. Love him or hate him, Don Cherry has always been a man of principles. And even at a time when he possibly couldn’t be more wrong, he was unwavering. Its an admirable trait. He wasn’t like these spineless, “conveniently woke” charlatans who so vehemently oppose him. So hats off to Grapes for sticking to his convictions, no matter how wrong they ever were. You rarely see that in this day and age, especially in the world sports where people usually only stand up for something when its safe.

Nicky Pizazz

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