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Sports journalism is running rampant with hatred towards white people, namely men. And especially the old ones. It is getting very difficult to stomach. After calling out numerous tweets by The Athletic’s reporter Sara Civian, I’ve noticed the community has pushed back against this casual hatred for white males. Mind you, we all know white men have done plenty in the past to be angered about. Hell, there are even some right now who are no better. But as a society, do we not know better than to persecute for the sins of the father? We really do not deserve to be so arrogantly painted with the same brush. No two people are the same, and people do not deserve to be generalized. So from here on out, consider yourself on notice. Sports professionals who callously attack us will now be subject to entry in The Honky Diaries.

Today on Hockey Twitter, Julia Tocheri of TSN’s Bardown, and the current Ford Fanatic, deleted her Twitter account after a few tweets celebrating the dismissal of Don Cherry. Here is the main one in question:

After a major backlash, Julia wisely headed for the hills. Now I’m probably going to surprise the hell out of you with this opinion, but I really took it as a bad joke. She really should have been aware that the day after Cherry got fired, tensions would be ultra high in the Twitterverse, especially when it came to “old, white guys”. Really bad timing on this one, Julia. I didn’t personally jump in on this, nor did I want to, because it just happened to be a perfect storm where her mild ignorance ended up spreading like wildfire. It certainly did not help that she doubled down in the comments. I like to generally save my contempt for the ultra deserving. But from one honky to another, I do not blame any of the rest of you for taking up arms. Have at it. A fight against any kind of prejudice is NEVER a bad fight. This isn’t about white supremacy or some bullshit that these cucks will have you believe. Its about standing up against sexism, racism, ageism. But at the same time, I think we gotta carve a little leeway for jokes. If it were funny, I probably would have retweeted it. Just being honest, folks.

Here at the Honky Diaries, we do not support cancel culture. Hopefully she will learn from her mistakes, issue an apology, and move on. If not, I’m sure The Athletic is always hiring some more stormtroopers.

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Nicky Pizazz


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