Some disturbing video footage is making its rounds on social media today. Ottawa Senators defenceman Nikita Zaitsev’s children were forcefully taken from their mother and nanny in broad daylight. The hockey world, as usual, is being extremely quick to “cancel” Zaitsev. But do they have all the information to make such a rash decision? Here is the video which was released today by Margo Gotovseva:

When Mike Commodore began publicly speaking out against Mike Babcock, so many people were quick to viciously attack Commie. I can only imagine what his Twitter mentions were like. But when the reports and allegations against Babcock surfaced in November, a lot of people were left eating crow while stumbling over half-assed apologies. You’d think they would have learned their lesson, but alas, we find ourselves with another instant-cancelling yet again. Nobody knows the circumstances as to why Zaitsev had his children removed from their mother in such traumatic fashion. I suggest the hockey world afford Zaitsev the opportunity to explain his actions before insta-cancelling him, as they so often like to do. Speaking as a man who has forcefully rescued a child from a dangerous situation before, sometimes it has to be done. And it is never pretty. If your child were in danger, and you were a multimillionaire, would you wait to cut through all the red tape there would be to win an international custody case? I hope the answer is no.

We have no idea the circumstances surrounding this battle between Zaitsev and his wife. But the hockey world needs to start learning from its mistakes. If we cancel everyone immediately, and always without the whole story, then we all run the risk of losing our right to defend ourselves. The hockey community needs to be better.

Update 9:51 A.M EST: A response from Igor Zaitsev, Nikita Zaitsev’s father:

Nicky Pizazz

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