Ray Ferraro is a National Treasure

TSN is hands down the best sports coverage there is for Leafs fans. If you’re an avid reader, then you already know my feelings on Sportsnet. I can honestly say that when I settle in for a Leafs game, I breathe a huge sigh of relief when TSN is handling it. And there is no bigger wildcard on TSN than Ray Ferraro.

What’s Bugging Ray? is a question we all can’t wait to know the answer to. Is there anything better than when he unloads the Ferraro-fury on a chum/pal on Twitter? I don’t think so! Ferraro is one of those guys who could tell you off to your face and you’d love every second of it. I’d pay money for him to call me up and berate me when I’m in a bad mood. No joke. And tonight he was in fine form.

In the first period of the Leafs and Flames game, his partner Chris Cuthbert was panning to commercial by saying that the game was scoreless. Ray, thinking the mic was off, said in surly Ray fashion: “Yeah, its scoreless because ____”. It unfortunately cut to commercial before we could hear what his guaranteed smart ass dig was. Chris Cuthbert needs to tell us. I beg of you. Chris. Its all I want for Christmas.

Then in the second Ferraro had a rare slip up. He was speaking of Leafs’ bench boss Sheldon Keefe, but accidentally called him “Sheldon Queef”. He quickly corrected himself, but the hilarious damage was already done. Here is a clip so you can hear for yourself:

If there is one thing I know for sure, its that I love the chum named Ray. He doesn’t just provide hilarious quotes, but he is about the best hockey analyst there is in the business. There is no one better at breaking down the game.

And thats why Ray Ferraro is a national treasure.

Your pal (or chum),

Nicky Pizazz

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