The Curious Case of Kevin McAllister’s Tipping at The Plaza Hotel

Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York are on almost everybody’s top 10 Christmas movie list. A particular scene making the rounds on social media today caught my attention, and led to the most unholy Christmas morning investigation this blogger has ever endured.

The thing that caught my eye on this was the rather large gratuity charge. If you recall, Kevin McAllister was a little cheapskate. Yet we are expected to believe that he dropped this kind of money as a tip? Sure, there were scenes where he was forking out money left and right, but at the beginning and end of his New York trip, old Kev was broke as a joke. And how does broke Kevin tip?

Exhibit A: The Chewing Gum

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So Kevin McAllister, the same kid who gave a hard workin’ doorman a stick of NO NAME gum, is suddenly shelling out $240 bucks to the hotel restaurant? I’m not buying it. I decided it was time to call The Plaza, and investigate.

My first call landed me at the hotel lobby. I asked how they were, and wished them a Merry Christmas! They were less-than-thrilled with my existence, and quickly transferred me to the wrong restaurant. I spoke to a woman named Connie, who was a little bit more cheerful, but not by much. But Connie at least had the decency to transfer me to the proper in-room dining line, where I met the ravishing Quinn.

Quinn and I got off to a bad start. My brother was fighting with my dog in the background, and I accidentally thought she said her name was Gwen. Let me tell you this my friends: That is a major red flag in Quinn-land. Here is an excerpt from our convo:

Me: Nice to meet you Gwen! Merry Christmas!

Quinn: Its not Gwen, Its QUINN. Q-U-I-N-N

Me: I’m so sorry, Quinn. I have a few questions regarding your in-room dining if you don’t mind?

Quinn: Ok…

Me: If I order food there, do I have to tip? Is it on the receipt and built right into the price?

Quinn: Yes, you have to tip.

Me: What if -hypothetically speaking- I wanted to just tip the waiter direct? Or what if the service was so bad, I chose to not tip at all? Could I have it removed from the bill?

Quinn: Yes, you have to tip.

Me: But what if I didn’t?

Quinn: You’d be asked to immediately leave the hotel.

Me: OK. Thanks Quinn!

Quinn: *hangs up

If my conversation with Quinn taught me anything, its that Kevin McAllister likely would have had some blowback for his bubble gum tips. But the forced gratuity in his final bill is totally legitimate. I’ve also learned that The Plaza is greedy and sort of rude to be honest. But rest easy friends, for Home Alone’s hotel bills are apparently the real deal.

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

Nicky Pizazz

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