The Day I Blocked Half of Leafs Twitter

So this is a pretty wild story! Well, at least as far as geeky, internet-based, drama-filled stories go. But today I decided to block nearly half of Hockey Twitter. Here is why:

I have stalkers. And sadly, I’m not the only one. There are a couple of guys on social media, that despite the fact I have them blocked, they gravitate to my threads and attack me. Or, DM people weird bullshit about me. Its pretty pathetic to be honest. And, depending on what day you catch me, I’ll either roast them so hard they don’t come around for a while, or I ignore it. Last time it happened I was stuck in a car from SF to LA for 5 hours and LOVED the opportunity to humiliate one of the rats back into their hole. Good times. But today I guess I just had enough. I’m done with these soulless black holes.

I realized one harsh reality on social media. Blocking people who bother you is not enough. The thing is, they can still see your threads. And they still can comment on your threads. If you have mutual “friends”, these vermin never truly go away. They just lob grenades at you forever from behind a block. It’s like permanently having an annoying bug on your leg that you can never quite kill. So me, being the innovative genius that I am, decided to test something out. What if I block every single person that follows them?

So I did just that.

This left so many people feeling hurt, and for this, I truly apologize. Some have even attacked me. Hey, I get it. I do. People lash out when they feel wronged. But after years of seeing so many people complain about being pestered by the same annoying pieces of shit, all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it. Who knows if this will work, but I have a hunch it won’t hurt.

Best wishes to all followers/ followed of @danielroyyyy and @drcoolsexy. Those are a real pair of superstars you’re aligning yourselves with!

Nicky Pizazz


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