If you don’t like sports road trips, please leave. You do not deserve this story. I love them. I live for them. One of my best friends and I have done one almost every year. But it has always been hockey or baseball, and always in Canada. So this year we decided to step it up and hit the USA in style: a pair of NFL Games. Here is the itinerary:

Saturday Nov 16 : Arrival in Vegas. Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar’s Palace

Sunday Nov 17: Degenerate NFL Sportsbetting and drinks at one of the Casino sportsbooks.

Monday Nov 18: Reservations at Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Tuesday Nov 19: 5th row seats behind the net at Leafs / Golden Knights game at T-mobile arena.

Wednesday thru Friday nothing is planned. That’s likely when I’ll bleed away the family nest egg like Clark Griswold.

Saturday Nov 23: We embark via convertible from Las Vegas to SF

Sunday Nov 24: 2nd row seats at the 20 yard line for Green Bay Packers at 49ers Sunday Night Football.

Monday Nov 25: Abandon rental car. Fly to LAX in the a.m. 1st row seats in end zone for Baltimore Ravens at LA Rams.

That is a wild schedule, even for the likes of me. So in true Nicky Pizazz fashion, Im going for a gambling home run. A 3 game parlay, all totals, all over. There is no way to bet on a live event other than an over! I’d definitely hear an argument on betting home teams would be as fun, but over is where my true, drunken heart lies. 5 dimes will pay 30. And after the way MLB treated me this year, a nice W would be lovely. The key is to bet the 3 games next Monday night. That way, you get an early line on the Leafs / Vegas game and hope there is a goalie substitution. See, I’m more than just a face.

There will be updates along the way. Stay tuned for some likely colourful in-game coverage next week.

Nicky Pizazz


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