Voting Quintin Hughes to the All-Star Game will Hurt the Canucks – So You Should Definitely Do It

It is very important you go vote for Quintin Hughes today, and here is why: The Vancouver Canucks projected cap space at the end of the year is only around 37k. If Hughes is voted into the All- Star game, it will trigger a bonus that Vancouver cannot afford to pay. Take a look:

As you can see, being selected to the All-Star game will earn Quintin Hughes a $212,500 bonus, which will then count against the Canucks’ cap. They cannot afford to pay it this year, so they will either have to move a body out or have it carry over towards next year cap. Neither of these scenarios are very good for Vancouver. Which is why we need to make sure they happen.

Hughes is not on pace to crack any of the other bonuses, otherwise it would be a moot point. Here is an overview on his stats on the season:

As you can see, his +/- bonus is not in any danger of being reached. He currently sits 20th on the team at -6. His goal total will not likely hit 20, but his assists will definitely hit 35. He also is on track to hit the 0.73 points per game.

That is only two of the four bonuses unlocked.

You need to vote. You need to vote a lot. How many times have you got chirped by a pompous Canucks fan? I know I have been. And now, I strike back like the Empire. The thought of me having a direct outcome on their salary cap crisis really warms the cockles of my heart. So please vote for Quintin Hughes:

Nicky Pizazz


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