Why You Should Cancel Your Subscription to The Athletic

In one of my favourite movies “The People v. Larry Flynt”, Larry has some choice words about Playboy. He first asks if any of his friends had read the article on how to assemble your home stereo. To which his puzzled, impoverished friends replied that they had not. Larry responds by informing them: “8 million buy it, and nobody reads it. Gentlemen, Playboy is mocking you”. The situation that the average sports fan finds themselves in with the existence of The Athletic, and its clear agenda of attacking white males, is not far off.

Now, before I begin this deep dive into The Athletic’s racism, I’d like to issue a disclaimer of sorts. I think my friend Jude put it best when he said: “Nic, who are YOU to present yourself as the moral authority on anything?”. Well I have to say, I agree with Jude. I’m hardly the person who should be waging this war. The problem is, if I don’t, nobody will. A quick scan of my tweets would give you all the ammo you need to sink me. I love horrible jokes. I have some very colourful opinions. That is me. But please, do not allow subsequent attacks on my character take away from the message of this article. Think of me as a disease ridden carrier pigeon, if you will.

The Athletic has always been on my radar as a left-leaning, SJW type of publication. That is fine. Its not my cup of tea, but there is plenty of room for everybody in the Twitterverse. I may have made a joke or two at their expense before, but nothing malicious. That is, until their Carolina Hurricanes reporter Sara Civian began her crusade against white men.

The first time I noticed Sara was in a controversial tweet that landed in my timeline:

So she actually tweeted that men should cross the street when on the same sidewalk as her? Pretty fucked up if you ask me, equal rights considered and all. But I, like many others, pointed out the fallacy in this line of thinking and was rewarded with a block to @juicedballs99. I forgot about it, until today’s man-hating tweet.

Incredibly offensive. On my personal account, I responded:

Again, another block. But I must say, this trend of hating on males, specifically white ones, got me curious. So I decided to search @sarahcivian +males and also @sarahcivian +white males on Twitter. And the results I got were disgusting. Ill let you judge for yourselves:

Yes, the mean honkys never die.

How dare we not have a period? We are the worst!

Just an FYI: hating men is not feminism. It is sexism.

The picture becomes a tad bit clearer. We didn’t vote the way you want, so I can now see another reason why you hate us.

Those gosh darn honkys never take anything seriously!

We really are the dumbest. But you should probably refrain from googling our achievements as a gender, otherwise your sexist bubble will pop.

I assure you, the majority of us know that some of the best reporters in sports are female.

Humble brag AND man bash. Triple points!

Those motherfuckers even play in the NHL? This is getting ridiculous.

As if you even needed more of a reason to be mean as fuck to us! You go girl! Cut them all down. Fucking sexist sociopathic hero.

We are so stupid that we actually set our alarms to remind us to breath and drink water. He’s a lucky guy.

Fully agree here. Racism and sexism are learned behaviours.

Why do we even allow white men to exist, period? If there ever were a time for genocide, its NOW! Amirite?

We would all thank you very kindly if you did.

If you think there is nothing wrong with this, then move on. But before you do, I want you to do me a favour: Change these tweets with a. another race other than white, and b. men with women. If you do not see what the problem is, then you ARE the problem.

Throughout history there have been many periods with “accepted racism”. In the 1950s, someone would drop an N-bomb as casually as they say Good Morning. Now I’m not going to make the argument that white people in any way have encountered the trials and tribulations of other minorities. We haven’t. But it does not make racism towards us acceptable. And you want to know where the dumbest place you can be racist towards white males? AS A HOCKEY REPORTER! I’m dead. Talk about know your audience. What is next? NASCAR? Could you imagine being an anti-black NBA reporter! Ha. Fucking ridiculous.

I do not want Sara Civian fired. I’m positive if the roles were reversed, she would not grant me the same mercy. I’m sure of it. But I dislike cancel-culture. People make mistakes, and hopefully they grow and learn from them. But what I do think we deserve is an apology, and an immediate discontinuation of this type of behaviour. The Athletic owes us better. They have gotten my money. They have likely gotten yours. And if they won’t comply with a cease and desist of their hatred for us, then we need to make a statement and cancel all subscriptions. It is 2019. Racism and sexism are unacceptable. Even if it is against us evil white males. I cannot help that I was born white, and with a penis. Please stop hating us for it.

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